MoreThan a Brand

The good thing about being a small local law firm is that clients can pop in when they want and they get to see their solicitor.

At A P Bassett Solicitors we are able to give personal service and are available when clients need us whether that means an out of hours appointment, a home visit, or at the weekend. There are no hidden costs because we don’t have referral fees to pay and we have no “no win no fee” or “no sale no fee” fees to recover.

We invite clients to come and discuss matters with us first of all to establish what options are available to them, and if it’s something they can do for themselves, we will point them in the right direction.

We do all these things because that’s what small High Street firms do. The thing about the bigger firms who advertise quality and make promises of no hidden costs, same day response, direct lawyer contact and first consultation free  – they talk about it as if this is a new approach, like it is their idea and that is what makes them different.

I can’t help wondering where have they been all these years and what have they been offering in the past.

Our 'Quality Mark' is awarded to us by our clients.

Our ‘Quality Mark’ is awarded to us by our clients.

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