Small and Micro Businesses Leader Board #SMB100

Welcome to the #SMB100 – a new social media influence leaderboard just for small and micro businesses, created by A P Bassett Solicitors.

What is it?

The #biztweeters100 is a social media leaderboard of Twitters most influential small and micro businesses, measured by Klout score.

What is Klout Score?

‘Klout Score’ measures the influence of any given social media profile, based on the size of that profile’s network and the interaction they have with other people. The score is then expressed as a numerical value between 1 and 100.

Do I need to do anything?

The only thing you need to do is engage with the twitter community. The leaderboard is updated automatically every Friday and is a reflection of your social interaction across the previous week. The more you get others to engage with you, the higher your influence. There is so much more to Twitter than just getting your message out there. It is the content of your tweets that really count.

Twitter is such a great tool to help build your brand awareness and market your business….and it’s free. We feel very passionate about small businesses not only because they make a huge contribution to the economy, but because they are also the backbone of a community. We really want to see them succeed and to help celebrate their success.

It takes allsorts of small businesses to make a healthy economy!

I’m not on the leaderboard, can I enter?

The #SMB100 is open to all small and micro businesses in the UK, whether you’re a a client of ours or not.  If you’d like to join or have any questions, simply tweet us @apbassetts or email

Here is this weeks Leaderboard