Vince Cable scraps £1.2 billion Land Registry sell-off!

Hip Hip Hooray! Such good news!!

But wait… the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) have not yet confirmed the news that Vince Cable has shelved the plans to privatise the Land Registry. They are not saying anything until the official report on the New Service Delivery Company consultation is published.

We emailed BIS asking for confirmation and this was their reply:

“As you are aware, we have carried out a public consultation on the introduction of a Land Registry service delivery company, which looked at a range of options – including the status quo. We will publish the Government response shortly.


The usual stock answer – lacking in imagination! But there won’t be smoke without fire. Vince Cable may well be wanting to scrap the plans, but if the ‘Wider Powers’ gets passed through Parliament, the threat of privatisation will always be there. If everything goes according to Government plans, the Bill will be passed and the Land Registry will become the sole provider of Local Land Charges searches and official search results.

These are the building blocks that will pave the way to privatisation at a later date. In anticipation of the Bill being successful the Government can afford, at this stage, to say they are scrapping the idea.

So whilst we can celebrate the effect that #peoplepower is having on the plans, we know that the campaign is not over yet!



Please sign and share the Petition and help keep the Land Registry public!

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