Should the Land Registry be Privatised?

NO say all of us! The 38 Degrees #savelandreg petition with over 104,000 signatures was handed into the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on Wednesday 2nd July.


The petition was handed in by the lovely Rebecca Falcon of 38 Degrees and received by Shadow Minister Toby Perkins.



Unfortunately neither Vince Cable nor Michael Fallon were available to receive the petition addressed to their departments but we had great support from John McDonnell MP, Toby Perkins MP and Roberta Blackman-Woods MP.

Members of the public, property search agents, solicitors, union members and 38 degrees were all in attendance.

James Ferguson who started the 38 degrees petition says,

 “We will be issuing information on how to write to your MP and Ministers to demand they scrap both these proposals.”

All of us involved in the campaign are so thankful to everyone who signed the petition, wrote letters, sent postcards etc. Thank you all for your support! It’s amazing what can happen when people work together! #peoplepower

But it is not over yet!                                                                                                                                     The #savelandreg Campaign now enters Phase 2

The people have spoken! We now hope the government will take heed of the publics opposition to the proposed plans and that this is reflected in the Government’s response to the consultation and they will commit to keeping the Land Registry public.

In the meantime, we need to our turn attention to the Wider Powers contained within the Infrastructure Bill, which if they pass successfully through the House of Lords, will pave the way to privatisation next time the opportunity arises.

Michael Kavanagh writes,

“PCS welcomes the news that privatisation plans have been scrapped, for now, and we are delighted and extremely grateful to the support 38 Degrees members have given to our campaign.

We are, however, concerned that Government are pressing ahead with changes to LR, including taking over processing local land charges searches, which are widely seen as paving the way for a future attempt to privatise. The campaign will be stepped up accordingly.”


The land registration system underpins the property market in England and Wales and guarantees title to billions of pounds worth of property!

Christian Lister, Chairman of the Independent Property Search Agents (IPSA) tells of his concerns,

“The HMLR Wider Powers contained within the draft Infrastructure Bill (currently being debated in the House of Lords) still need greater scrutiny as the proposals do very little to improve the data provision of a local search; which is required by mortgage lenders to asses risk on a property or land.

The personal search industry has over the past 14 years brought significant consumer benefits and streamlined housing transactions from months to weeks.

As an industry we are constantly developing new products, constantly improving the consumer process and the competitive nature of the industry is a true consumer price benefit.

IPSA believe greater consultation is required before these Wider Powers become law and create a very uncompetitive Government monopoly.  The Rt Hon Eric Pickles has already warned of this monopoly in his correspondence with other officials.

It’s time all MPs and Ministers took heed of his wording and pause for thought and greater interaction with IPSA.”

Please sign and share the petition. Follow the campaign on Facebook.              #peoplepower is working. Lets keep it up!


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