Land Registry Wider Powers and Local Land Charges Consultation Response

We were concerned that the Government’s consultations to the Land Registry would turn up in the Queens Speech. It seemed to us that the very short consultation period was deliberately timed to coincide with the Queens Speech.

No surprises then when it did! Not easy to find contained within the Infrastructure Bill!

The Bill would transfer statutory responsibility for the Local Land Charges register and delivery of Local Land Charges searches to the Land Registry supporting the delivery of digital services and extend Land Registry’s powers to enable it to provide information and register services relating to land and other property.

"This proposal does not demonstrate an improvement or enhancement to the service"

Local Land Charges

The Local Land Charges in their response to the consultation, state their concern, which is shared by many, that Land Registry has failed to demonstrate its understanding of the service provided and the vital part this plays in the housing market and wider economy.




The Governance guidance on consultations state that a response is to be published 12 weeks after the date of closure.  The response to the consultation was finally published on the 16th June. Only 15  days late! I wonder what took them so long?

The campaign goes on!





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