Banks – a Law Unto Themselves

Small businesses are vital to the growth of our economy. Our towns are dependent on them!
We need more of the local and less of the global!
Santander’s recent decision to cull hundreds of local law firms from their conveyancing
panel is bad news not just for the local law firms but also for the towns and communities they serve.
The President of Law Society says “Local firms are at the heart of the provision of legal services in this country: a network of easily accessible offices dealing with the day to day legal needs of their local communities”
It’s not just local law firms, but all the other small businesses who make a High Street successful.
We think the big banks are bad for local business. By looking after their own interests, they are adding to the recession, not the growth of the economy. By keeping the competition between themselves, that means actually, there is no real competition and leaves you the consumer with very little choice.
Please join in by adding your comments and tell us what you think.

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